Ozworks Creative & Entertainment

World class entertainment and attractions. From permanent live shows to seasonal attractions.

Project Design, Creative Engineering & Themed Construction.

Motion Based Rides 

Stunt Action Equipment and Effects

Excellence in Design, Audio, Lighting and Show Control Systems

Australian Native and Exotic Wildlife Exhibits

Permanent Flag Ship Productions & Seasonal Promotions

Consultancy, Training, Installation & Maintenance Scripting, Casting,     Management of 7 Day Rosters

Off the Shelf Ready To Go Entertainment & Stage Productions

Arena Spectaculars & Auditions

Horses & Harness Vehicles Live Shows and Demonstrations

Trick Riding Shows and Training

Roving Entertainment for Festivals and World Sporting Events

On-site management of entertainment.


Shots from Ozworks Live Shows including from left to right - Ned Kelly, The Goblin Strikes and Dreamworld Tiger Behavioral Presentation.


The very best and nothing less!



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